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1.  What does Pratidhwani mean?
Ans: Pratidhwani is a Bengali word which signifies the English word ‘echo’.

2. What is the mode of publication of Pratidhwani?
Ans: Pratidhwani the Echo is published quarterly in the months of January, April, July and October.

3. Is Pratidhwani the Echo an Online Journal with ISSN?
Ans: Pratidhwani the Echo was initially published Online only with ISSN 2278-5264. However, the journal has obtained a separate ISSN 2321-9319   and from October 2013 issue (Vol-II Issue-II) it will be published also in Print format.

4.  Is Pratidhwani the Echo Peer Reviewed?
Ans: Yes. It is Peer Reviewed in the sense that it follows a review process involving Board of Editors other than the Chief Editor and that the papers are further sent to subject experts belonging to different institutions/organizations for review; and only after recommendation of subject experts, board members and Chief Editor that a paper is published.

5. Is Pratidhwani an Open Accessed Journal?
Ans. Yes. It is free of Subscription in Online mode and to access this journal no Login is required.

6. Can the papers published in Pratidhwani the Echo be used for Commercial Purposes?
Ans. No. The publisher of Pratidhwani the Echo reserves the copyright of all materials published in it. Besides, the journal is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 Unported and any unauthorized use of the materials published in this journal for commercial purpose would lead to legal punishment.

7. Is Pratidhwani the Echo is a Research Journal?
Ans: Pratidhwani the Echo is an Academic Journal. It publishes both Research and Non Research articles from the disciplines of Humanities and Social Science. There is also provision for publication of Reviews (Book/Article) and Creative Works in this journal.

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