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A Peer-Reviewed Indexed Journal of Humanties & Social Science
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31 July 2024
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PRATIDHWANI the ECHO is an online multilingual, multidisciplinary academic journal publishing research and scholarly articles, book reviews and creative writings from the disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences. It, thus, strives to transgress geographical boundaries and to reach a wider group of audience belonging to different disciplines of study and bring to fore their ideas, research outputs and creative thoughts in an impartial and unbiased manner so as to uphold academic spirit and contribute to the society at large. The journal is having ISSN status and is published in a quarterly mode by Department of Bengali, Karimganj College, Karimganj.
The subjects, in specific, covered by the journal include: Arabic, Bengali, Commerce, Economics, Education, English, Hindi, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Management, Pol.Science, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Sociology.
Important Points to note:
1. Article or Research Papers must be proceed with abstracts in English within 200 words.
2. Minimum words of the main paper should be 2500.
3. The Article must have minimum 5 key words in English.
4. For Bibliography, Humanities may follow MLA format and APA format for Social Science.
5. Editors reserve the right to  make correction or changes, if s/he deemes necessary for publication.
6. Paper would be accepted only after consent of the reviewer/s; and an accepted paper may have to wait up-to 90 days for publication in the journal.
7. Supported Language: Arabic, Bengali, English, Hindi.
  • The review process involves a tripartite co-ordination involving the Chief Editor, Section Editors and Subject Experts (Reviewers) from different institutions and organizations. Each of these personnel has a distinct role to play in the review process. A paper has to pass through all of the above cited three phases for publication. In short, a paper is published only after attaining due recommendation of the Chief Editor, Section Editor/s and the concerned Subject Expert who has Reviewed the paper.
  • Information regarding the selection or rejection of articles/papers will be only through Email. The journal shall publish the articles/papers only after completion of the formalities mentioned in selection letter. The journal will also not take the resposibility of returning the rejected articles.
  • After acceptence and completion of formalities regarding publication, the journal will have the right to make amendments (if needed) in the articles/papers to suit the requirement of the journal.
N.B.: Papers will be accepted only when accompanied with abstract (to be written in English only). Submission of papers without abstract (in English) or mere submission of an abstract without the paper attached alongwith would lead to non-acceptance of the same.

All the Authors are requested to submit their paper through online. If you not received any confirmation from our side within 24 hours then please contact with us or resend your paper.
Important Points to note:
1. Article or Research Papers must be preceeded with abstracts writen in English within 250 words.
2. The paper should contain minimum 2500 words.
3. There should be atleast 5 well-choosen key words in English.
4. For Bibliography, Scholars of Humanities may follow MLA format and APA format by the Social Science Scholars.
5. Editors reserve the right to make correction or changes, if s/he perceives it necessary for publication.
6. Paper would be accepted only after consent of the reviewer/s.
7. Supported Language: Bengali & English
The opinions expressed in the articles published in this Journal are the opinions of the authors. The members of the Editorial Board/Reviewer or publishers of Pratidhwani the Echo are in no way responsible for the opinions deduced by them. In case of plagiarism also responsibility lies solely with the author.
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